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Please take notice that Taylor Home Services is one of four websites created for this large regional corporation that has various businesses under its umbrella. You will find the other websites by clicking on “menu” and then scrolling to the end under “Websites”.  Note that these are themes that have been manipulated and designed and therefore may look completely different from the original theme. The theme used for the “Taylor” umbrella of companies is the “Industrial Theme” from SKT Themes (original theme embedded below)

Note that the branding is unified

The logos are similar and recognizable as part of unity with each other’s perspective companies

The WordPress theme is the same for all four companies and yet has been modified to complement each company.   We like to use WordPress themes provided by SKT Themes.  You may view their themes on their website.  We have access to use any theme you may like on there.


Here is how this theme used above looked before any editing or changes were made:



Looks drastically different, right? That’s because every theme is fully customizable!  Down to the colors, fonts, images, and layouts. 

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  • This DJ website was created using an Event Planner Theme from SKT Themes.  Below is the original theme before it was altered. 
  • See the magic good coding, years of experience, and an artistic eye can create?



This website was built from the Event Planner Theme from SKT Themes as depicted here below: